In this Brandrr review we will show you our new software which will revolutionize the way people produce logos. It doesn’t matter what your level of competence with design or if you have absolutely zero creative flair, with this product you’ll be churning out professionally designed logos at will. No kidding! Literally within minutes you will have a logo completed. Forget paying hundreds of dollars to design . The team that has developed this software has a reputation for producing powerful multi media software for yours so you know you are backed by a team that have high standards for software. The truth is a logo defines your brand and give the customer a feel of what your brand is about. A high quality logo will have a positive influence on your brand image therefore it is vital you create the right logo.


Within 3 clicks you can have a complete logo done and ready. When starting your first campaign with the web application you will choose the niche your logo relates to. Type in what your logo is about, then you will have a bunch of images to choose from their extensive library. After you choose your image you can further edit this by changing any colors or adding any additional elements to the image. Essentially you can customize it any way you like using their easy to use editing tool. Next type in your brand name, press export and there you have it. A high quality eye catching logo that only took a few seconds and didn’t cost you an arm and a leg.


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More to this Brandrr review. This is a web based application so you wont need the hassle of having to install any software on all your devices i.e PC, laptop, mobile or tablet. This is all done on the cloud so you wont have to constantly save projects continually on your device. Everything is stored on the cloud allowing you to access your existing projects anytime and anywhere making it that extra bit more convenient.


Key Features to this Product:

1. Time Saver

You wont have to wait for designers to make a logo for you. There is no need to install or learn any complex software that will put a hole in you pocket. This is a low cost yet powerful and easy to use solution to produce beautifully designed logos for you or your clients company.

2. Easy to Use

Don’t be worried if you’ve never created a logo in your life. The easy to use intuitive user interface and super powerful engine will help you fine tune and tweak your logo with ease. No need to use any complex software which can take hours to learn.

3. Design on the Go

Do you have a design in mind which needs to be created immediately or have a client that wants a logo designed urgently? Don’t worry! This software will allow you to design logos on the fly in the cloud with complete mobile and tablet compatibility.

4. Inexpensive

You pay a once off free and you get access to this software for a lifetime. Which means you wont have to pay hundreds of dollars to graphic designers for a logo every time you need one and you have to pay for extra revisions because you can do that yourself!

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Final Say


To sum up this app is a game changer and the only reason why I didn't give it 5 star out of 5 is because they should have brought this product out earlier! No kidding. Ive spent quiet a lot of money on logo designs in the past few years and I just wish they brought this out sooner. I haven't used a tool anything like this. You should do yourself a favor and get your hands on this now! A big thumbs up to Joey Xoto and the gang for this A+ software.